Festive Linocut at Millie Moon

Festive Linocut at Millie Moon


This autumnal Sunday took me to Millie Moon, Frome to teach some very talented ladies the art of linocut. For those of you who have tried their hand at carving and printing lino, you know all too well how time can run away from you and it does not help that you have a tutor (moi) who tries to squeeze in so much.

It can be overwhelming so I had to remind myself to strip back and pass on the basics; just the basics. The result was a deliciously beautiful class with much excitement and intrigue; some of you just could not get enough. Our  focus was on simple designs of line and shape alongside mastering the process of printing by hand; yes the trusty spoon made an appearance and once you were all warmed up there was no stopping you all. Thank you again for a great class, I am a tad bit tired but it is most definitely the happy, smile-to-yourself sort. 

I hope to run another linocut class in February. See you there, much love, Angela




Next Class with Angela is 27 February 2022 , book here