Mille Moon Makes – Free tutorials – Simple cotton face masks

Simple cotton Face masks

There are a lot of tutorials out there for facemasks. I’ve tried a few different ones and these are the simplest ones I’ve made. These are made of 100% cotton so breathable and washable BUT they have no filter. They are NOT clinical grade. Please stay safe, keep social distancing and wash your hands.

You will need:

100% cotton outer and 100% cotton backing fabric (adults 9×6″ kids7.5 x 5″ )

2 pieces of flat 1/4″ elastic (7″ each side )

Step 1 – place backing fabric right side up. Lie elastic on top – going corner to corner on the short edges, leaving a small amount (1/2″) hanging off. Add the outer fabric right side down over the top and pin the elastic in. The elastic should be housed inside the fabric.

step 2 – sew all the way round leaving a 2″ gap in middle. This should secure the elastic in place.

step 3 – turn though the right way.

step 4- pin three equal pleats and press

step 5- sew all the way around the edge, this will close the gap that was left from turning through and secure the pleats in place.

Thats it, washable, breathable cotton masks.