Millie Moon Makes – free tutorials -How to make a covered notebook

How to make a covered notebook

To begin we need to make a paper pattern. Open up your notebook as wide and flat as you can and draw around it on a piece of paper.

(If your notebook has a wide spine draw around one side then the other side in a row next to each other to create one large rectangle.)

Use a ruler to straighten the lines to create a nice tidy rectangle and add 1.5cm all the way around the edge for a seam allowance. Cut out the pattern

Now cut one piece out of the main fabric you want on the outside cover. (you can embellish it at this point if you like)

Cut another piece the same size for the lining. This won’t be seen once the book is inside so you can use anything you like for this.

Now fold your piece of paper in half and cut two pieces of fabric this size to make the pockets the book will slide into.

To put together start by placing your main fabric piece face up on to the table. Fold your two pocket pieces in half and place these at the end of the main pieces with the raw edges facing outwards.

Place your lining fabric on top facing downwards. Pin all the way around. Stitch around the edge using a 1cm seam allowance and leaving a 3cm gap at the bottom.

Trim the corners and using the gap turn it all through to the right sides.

Fold the pockets to the lining side and press. Sew up the gap.

Slide your book inside. Gorgeous and reusable. Just pop in another book when this one is full!